Essay on American History And All Of The Major Events

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In examining American history and all of the major events which helped shape the future of the United States, there seems to be an initial common theme. The need for supremacy. This significant theme was seemingly driven by three consistent facts. The hunt for wealth, power in expanding empires, and the spreading the Christianity. Essentially, the need for man to be better than or dominate his counterparts. In fact, history provides us with hundreds of examples from which we could draw from. It is an issue that is as arguably as old as time itself. However, I will focus my examples on the events in North America between 1492 and 1823. I also will demonstrate the connection between each event, the common theme and similarities and disparities of events in today’s society.
Chapter one provides us our first example with the initial introduction of foreign diseases into the Newfoundland by the early European explorers and settlers. The diseases which seemed to have the most effect in depopulating the region were smallpox and possibly hepatitis. It is estimated that these pathogens were responsible for reducing the Native American populations by about 90%. A lucky coincidence, this resulted in allowing the Europeans being able to form settlements with little to no opposition from the indigenous inhabitants. While unintended, this is the first time we can link disease to war. Biological warfare also known as germ warfare, incorporates a mixed bag of bacterial agents…

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