American Health Care System : The United States Is Going Through Incredible Turmoil

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Health problems can be random events that can cause financial hardships, yet many American citizens face needed medical procedures that insurance will not cover (Palomar College). Healthcare in the United States is going through incredible turmoil (Betzold). Many americans are dissatisfied with American healthcare because of the financial burden it puts on many American citizens who can not afford health care.
“World Health Organization (WHO) issued figures that ranked healthcare systems around the world for the first time; the United States did not rank first, second or even in the top five but as thirty seventh” (Betzold). “The top five nations were France, Italy, San Marino, Andorra and Malta (Betzold). American health care systems were rated on the following measures: overall level of health or life expectancy as measured across various populations within the country; how well people rated the performance of their health care system; fairness in delivery among different groups in the same country; and fairness in financing among different groups, based on the proportion of income devoted to healthcare” (Betzold). The United States of America does not provide healthcare to its citizens the way the rest of the world does. Although the United States outspends the world, according to WHO, it fails to deliver good care to a large proportion of its population and fails to deliver its cost effectively (Betzold). Now in America the law states that every American citizen…

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