American Gothic Literature : The Supernatural Mystery, Horror, And Horror

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American Gothic Literature

American gothic literature is a genre that appears in western literature from novels and horrifying things. American gothic literature is packed full of images of Hell, devils and demons, and also full of magic and mystery. Gothic Literature shows the mixture of good and evil. “Gothic representations of extreme circumstances of terror, oppression and persecution, darkness and obscurity of setting, and innocence betrayed are considered to begin with Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto.” (Allan Lloyd- Smith P.3) Characteristics of American gothic Literature are the supernatural, mystery, and violence. Each characteristic can be broken down into several different categories for example the supernatural can be broken down by the doppelganger, monsters, and witches. Visions and death are examples of mystery, and murder and rage are examples of violence. What is the differences in the supernatural, mystery, and violence in American Gothic Literature characteristics? (thesis)

Because the supernatural is broken down between the doppelganger, monsters, and witches. “Doppelganger, defined by Frederick S. Frank.” (Gothic: Origin P.1) Doppelganger is a German word meaning look-alike. They can be a demonic form that often haunts and threatens the person to whom they are attached to. The Doppelganger may have the same name as well as features. The Doppelganger is used in literature to show it’s other self. In Edgar Allan Poe’s short story…

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