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What is the history of football? Football is an American sport that is watched all across the United States. Some believe Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday. Football is important to Americans and is something may people tend to bond over. The history of football is clearly the way the sport was created, how it all started and how it is important to the present day sport. Football is a sport that the entire family is able to bond over. This sport has been a part of American history a little over a century and it is such a major part of the culture. People have made the statement “you are not American if you do not watch football”, it is a major part of Sunday and Monday nights. I am representing humanities because i am going to research and go into depth in order to get a …show more content…
“No professional sports group ever achieved acceptance as widespread within a single decade’s span as the American Football League (AFL).” (Anderson, 2005) “In 2004, the National Football League’s (NFL) 32 franchises shared equally more than 80% of about $5.5 billion in total revenue; this was the most income, and the largest measure of financial cooperation, in the four major U.S. professional sports (Fatsis, 2014).” (Anderson, 2005) Both the American Football League (AFL) and National Football League (NFL) were trying to gain viewers. “In 1960, a new professional football league called the American Football League (AFL) began operations. With this new entrant into the market, the NFL, which had a monopoly on professional football in the United States at the time, had to fight for television viewership and game day spectators. The battle between the two leagues lasted until executives from each side agreed to merge business operations in 1966 and to have AFL teams begin playing agains NFL teams in 1970.” (Anderson, 2005) “The author sought to understand how AFL officials used its public relations department to introduce and to position the new league to the

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