American Exceptionalism During The Twentieth Century Essay

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American Exceptionalism in the Twentieth Century In the world today, numerous problems are present because of the arrogance people have towards their country like the United States. Tome’s claims on the aspects of American Exceptionalism perfectly describes why it is the driving force of the United States today. Many Americans are describing their country as the best on the planet. This has been going on for a while and is still effecting the world today. Some say it’s an exceptional thing and others not so much. Americans sometimes gloat about the new technology that is being evolved in their country. The more Americans gloat about their country, the more their society will go down. America’s military is the strongest defense in the entire world. Some parts of the world are terrified of America because of all the technology that has evolved in the past century. A number of Americans are arrogant because they know that if any other country tries to start a war with the United States they would be victorious. Americans live in a country where they are protected by the government and are free from fear of other countries. American Exceptionalism could be a negative factor because civilians from other countries will be terrified of Americans because of the way they act. The United States is well built country when it comes to protection which in some cases effects the attitude of many Americans. The more Americans that are arrogant, the more American society decreases.…

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