American Equality : The Equal Freedom Essay

1020 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
American Equality American equality isn’t quite completely equal. According to most people, equality makes everything and everyone equal. When you’re talking about American equality you take out the equal part because America isn’t always equal. Especially in literature, America has always taken the equal rights away from certain groups of people. U.S. Americans has always had strange ways of going about certain things. In America, we are supposed to be “free” and “equal”. How are we equal when women don’t get treated like men? They don’t get paid as much, they also get treated differently because men are “superior.” How are men any better than women? They are humans like us men. In some ways women can be better. America is equal but we separate people by their race. We don’t join different races and the whites as often as we need to. American’s believe they’re superior because of our ancestors. We have the amendments but they weren’t always for everyone. Slaves? They weren’t equal. They were automatically born into slavery. Blacks, hispanics, Indians, etc. they didn’t get to chose their lifestyle, it was chosen for them. The U.S. is a democracy, but how can we be such a thing if we couldn’t even let people be what they wanted, they were born into it. They automatically didn’t get a say because of their color. Is that fair? In the book, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, we see a young southern boy and a black slave named Jim teaming up and going on a…

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