American Empire Political Structure

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The American Empire is our newly established colony; the colonists of The American Empire are the last hope for the survival of humanity. Our society is made of 5 key elements: Family, Education, Politics, Economics, and Religion. The family structure in our society allows for colonists to be married to a spouse of her choosing at the age of 18. Our family structure is protective of children because having a child is a privilege, child abuse or mistreating your child can result in loss of custody. For our education structure students of our new society will undertake four stages of learning, this education is in the sense of person and self-growth. American Empire’s political structure consists of three branches of government: the Legislature, …show more content…
I believe that the power of the government should be derived from the consent of the people as the government’s soul purpose is to represent the beliefs of the citizens they stand for. The people of the Great American Empire will directly elect the legislative body that represents them by voting on candidates for the House of Commons. They will serve for six year terms and are responsible for introducing bills as well as voting on them in order to turn them into law. Twice per term they will also elect fifteen individuals to compose the Senate who will be responsible for the second vote on bills to send them to the Executive Branch for final review, choosing the Prime Minister who will act as the head of the Legislative Branch, and advising him or her directly on legislative matters. The second division of the government is Executive Branch in which the President of the American Empire will lead and hold the Executive power. The President will be elected for a duration of four years by the popular vote of the people to ensure that their ideals of the time are properly embodied. The President will be responsible for appointing a Cabinet of fifteen people to head the different departments of government concern such as education, labor, and treasury. He or She is also responsible for appointing the members of the Supreme Court, or the members or the Judicial branch to try cases and enforce the laws passed by Congress. There are certain age requirements for each position in the separate fields of government that are in place to guarantee that those that lead this great civilization in the future will have experienced the new life on this world and understand the needs of the civilization as well as the duties that they are required to perform. These requirements will take effect when all members of the original colonists have reached the age of thirty.

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