American Education : How Smart Are We? Essay

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Jessica Brumbach
Professor Petit-Frere
Rough Draft Informative Essay

American Education: How smart are we?

Have you ever wondered what rank the U.S gets in education compared to other countries? Well, being one of the top countries in the world with our economy, military, and trade, we end up ranking a measly overall score of 14. Pearson PLC, a popular learning company, calculated this by testing math, reading, and science in 15 year old students. What’s the difference between American educational systems vs. other countries, and why have our results not changed in years? American schools are quite lenient and do not have rigorous structures like many other countries, but is that enough to truly make a difference?

Initially, I’ll take my own high school experience. I had two foreign exchange students in my school. I was part of a program called Teen Leadership that helped these students accommodate to their new surroundings. I learned a lot about them. For example, one was from Germany and her name was Marie Dietz, the other Australia and her name was Chelsea Webster. From the information I gathered I learned that since these girls were in primary school (elementary school), they were required to learn 2 languages. Dietz, from Germany, explained that she learned English the same time she learned German when she was very young and through school she had to learn French and Spanish. She did not have the option of choosing those languages like we do when we’re…

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