American Dreams : The American Dream Essay

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American Dream The American dream is a staple culture and a common thing amongst all people. Though different to every individual, some aspects are shared. The American dream is based on one’s setting, one’s social status, or where one lives. Therefore, the heart and driving force has always been the American dream. This dream refers to most individuals living in the realms of the American world. It is critical to note that the American dream is not measured based on what a person possess, it is measured based on its principle and its application to society. The American dream has made America what it is considered today.
The American dream has a number of interpretations, for instance in India, they have a caste system which ranks you depending upon your social stratification. There are four classes that exist within the system, Shudras, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, and Brahmin. Becoming a Brahmin which is what one would hope to become. One could say if you are ranked as a Brahmin then it is believed you are living the American dream. Based on my opinion it is freedom, liberty, being successful, and pursuing happiness. While some view it as money, respect, and power. Thus, it is when an individual is able to control his or her destiny by pursing opportunity, freedom and satisfaction of ones wants and needs. For every individual, regardless of their color or place of birth, they have the golden opportunity of fulfilling…

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