Great Gatsby True

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There are many stories of how America became great. Those stories all have a similar theme, the relentless pursuit of the American dream, resembling the founding father’s dream of freedom, liberty, and justice. However, the story of those whose dreams are not accomplished is hardly ever told. Scott Fitzgerald does just that in The Great Gatsby with a depiction of the cold truth: not all American dreams come true. Jay Gatsby is one of the people who does not achieve his dreams due to the standards of a society which had distorted the American Dream. The first standard which affects Gatsby is the society’s thinking that “old money” is very important and wealth is only good if it has been inherited for generations. Gatsby’s wealth is said to come from two things: inherited, or from Mr.___. Both of these assumptions were wrong, Gatsby earned his wealth through illegal processes. These illegal processes were selling illegal goods, such as guns and alcohol. This segregated him from the majority of wealthy people. Most people at this time had what was considered “old money” in which they were born into their wealth. Gatsby and several …show more content…
He lived richly by selling illegal goods. Finally, he dreamed big, but never achieved his dream. Gatsby went against all the standards of what his society stood for. Throwing such parties can only be achieved by the high class, yet he was not part of it. He was rich by doing something immoral. He didn’t achieve his American dream. The reality of society, Gatsby shares these flaws with many. Lots of people had “new money” and were not accepted into the upper class. Many people opened bars, which were called Speakeasies. Lastly many fell short of achieving their dreams. Gatsby’s society has two sides: the first showing the appearance of what everyone expects, the second showing the true nature of what is required to achieve a certain goal. “”.

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