American Dream As Being Rich And Famous Essay

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During the last decade, many people immigrated to the United States of America to pursue the most valuable thing in life. For some people it can be equality of opportunity, financial security, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, self-reliance, or material wealth. Every immigrant has a different dream to achieve in the life that cannot be achieved in the native country. To be success in reaching dream in the United States, many immigrants lost their jobs, education, and relationships in their homeland. Some people describe American dream as being rich and famous. However, most Americans understand under American dream and have a value of a personal freedom, material wealth, and equality of opportunity. The first value that attracts people in the United States and immigrants is personal freedom. The earliest settlers, who arrived in the North continent, wanted to avoid government control in their lives. As a result, they moved away from totalitarian control in their own countries to build new country where people would have personal freedom. The immigrants declared their independence from England and created a new nation in America. They also created a climate where many people from different races could have freedom. This is one of the most important value, which is popular in the USA today. According to the article “American Ways” by Maryanne Kearny Datesman, “ By freedom, Americans mean the desire and the right of all individuals to control their own destiny without…

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