American Development And Manifest Destiny Essay

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Today America is one of the major superpowers in the world and it is all a product of centuries of wars and expansion. It all started in 1492, with Christopher Columbus discovering America to the Great American Revolution to Civil War and finally the election of the first black president. Expansion has always been a major part of American development and manifest destiny is what makes America what it is today despite the negative aspects of it. Manifest Destiny was one of the peculiar features of America in the 19th century since “all nations are defined by their shared myths, but only the United States had Manifest Destiny” (Greenberg 4). I am of two minds in describing it and partially concur with this elucidation of manifest destiny that “In the mid-nineteenth century, Americans had come to believe that it was their destiny to explore, settle and exploit the entire continent and to unify it into one nation,” but I also harmonize with the expression by George Caitlin that manifest destiny became “an unrequited account of sin and injustice” and U.S. citizens became “cruel dispossessors.” There were various factors which affected this expansion in the 1940s. It started with the purchase of the Louisiana territory from French by Jefferson in 1803 for $15million which was a bargain for America and nearly doubled the land. One of the major aspects of this purchase was also the acquisition of the New Orleans, which was one the major ports at that time. It was the first step…

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