American Democracy Is Under Threat As Discussed By Both Matthew Spalding And William Hudson

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American democracy is under threat as discussed by both Matthew Spalding and William Hudson. In their books, We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming our Future and American Democracy in Peril: Eight Challenges to America’s Future, written by Spalding and Hudson respectively, they list their reasons for this view. One leans more conservative and the other liberal yet the both reached the same conclusion in that American democracy is going through troubling times. Spalding on one hand believes government should stick to the way that America was envisioned in the constitution by our Founding Fathers and that Americans should be self-governing. Hudson believes that government is doing too little legislating, should be more involved and that Americans are too individualistic among other. They both share a few similar views such as government is hard to hold accountable. The degrees to which the authors agree with one another vary by argument and each argument by each respective author has strengths and weaknesses. One issue that both authors talk about is the power of government and separation of powers. Spalding is a strong proponent of separation of powers and a weak, limited government and views a “living Constitution” as a danger to American democracy and that the Constitution is not being followed the way it was intended to be followed (Spalding 2010, 102). Spalding believes that separation of powers keeps government from becoming too big and…

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