American Democracy In Peril Hudson Analysis

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: In Chapter One of American Democracy in Peril, Hudson states several governmental issues, describes where these issues are derived from, and offers solutions to boost effective management of our government. Hudson’s critique of the U.S. government leaves the reader pondering the reason behind our government’s shortcomings. At first, his use of historic reference within the branches of government seem unnecessarily detailed and redundant but through progressive reading it becomes clear how crucial the details are when describing the evolution of our government. Hudson relates to the feeling of powerlessness as a U.S. citizen and gives off a feeling of understanding through text. He describes the government as “Pandora’s Box” and offers a way out of this seemingly endless age of ineffective governing. The author seems to have very Liberal views and also seems to really stand for average citizens’ needs within the U.S.
Hudson calls out the U.S. government on its stalemate of power
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One solution is educating voters more on their party’s views opposed to their official’s views mostly. He also indirectly talks about rewriting the Constitution due to its outdated content and context. Rewriting the Constitution seems to be his most drastic idea but is also the most effective and efficient way to go about reformation of the flawed U.S. government. The problem with his drastic solution is the reaction of people. Change is not something welcomed in general society. There would be negative consequences carried out due to this drastic approach if it were acted upon. In the long run, drastic action could cure the government of its issues but is it really worth the cost of a second Civil War? Government officials have probably contemplated drastic action but froze at the thought of a rebellion being forged from the stubborn minds of citizens who do not see the next big step to true

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