American Deaf Culture By Thomas K. Essay

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In Introduction To American Deaf Culture, Thomas K. Holcomb provides an insightful view of the Deaf culture and paints an inclusive picture of how the Deaf community functions and thrives in the world. In each chapter, proficient evidence is supplied to draw the audience (myself in this experience) in to the topics and make them think more thoughtfully about how the Deaf culture should be viewed. From the start, the audience is brought into this book on a personal level with an introduction from the author. In this intro, the major points of this book are previewed to prepare the audience for what is coming. The second chapter defines culture and gives examples of how the Deaf culture fits in with the others. This is seen with the five hallmarks of culture (Holcomb 17), culture versus community (Holcomb 20), collectivist versus individualist cultures (Holcomb 22), and insider versus outsider distinctions (Holcomb 24) and how the Deaf perceive the hearing culture (Holcomb 31). The third chapter highlights who the Deaf people are the differences between deaf and Deaf people. There are many different aspects that are incorporated into a deaf person and even more for a Deaf person, making it a complex topic (Holcomb 60). In the fourth chapter, the Deaf sense of self is analyzed from different standpoints throughout a Deaf person’s life. It touches on topics like the stages of cultural awareness (Holcomb 73) and identity formation (Holcomb 77). In the fifth chapter, the early…

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