American Culture Vs Us Culture Analysis

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From the door in it’s a whole new world; I called it a whole new world because it is towards me. The United States culture differs from the southern and central American culture by how we respect our elders, value of education, and our traditional foods. An example, will be in the United States where in the majority of the youth have a “ticket” to disrespect older people, “if you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you”. While in my household you respect no matter what. If they are older than you, then you respect them because they are considered wiser. Another way we respect our elders is by saying Mrs. , Mr. , Miss. My family and I are also different from the United states culture because we have different standard in education. Sure I bet every parent goal is to see their son/daughter graduate high school and go on to at least a two-year college. But in my family eyes you graduating highschool and going on to a university or college is grand because they sacrificed so much for their son/daughter education they want to see you become a successful person in life. Also a big thing in my family is we are for each other no matter what, also when you have a problem we usually don’t go to a friend we go to our parents our mom, dad even if you don’t want to believe it, they are …show more content…
The lady or young lady is supposed to know how to cook, clean when they are about 14 and up. the foods we eat for dinner time is from passed down ingredients, they are from the root of the country. Since I have a very diverse family i get to eat some yummy Nicaraguan food and peruvian food, and when I'm visiting my dad I get to eat Puerto Rican food. We are also supposed to eat at the table and if you want to be excused before an adult has finished eating you have to say “May I please be excused?” and if they say no then there is no if's, but's or

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