American Culture : Traditions And Customs Of The United States

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Culture is a way of life that everyone chooses to live by, in many ways it shapes our knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, values and experiences. The United States of America is described as being a “melting pot” of many different cultures from around the world. Today, as the world continues to become more interconnected through technology and commerce people around the world have built emotional and cultural attachments to their favorite things. Coca-Cola, the Confederate flag and Football are examples of things that some Americans have to chosen identify themselves by within their culture (Zimmerman, "American Culture: Traditions and Customs of the United States"). Although certain things should not define who people are individually, they have taken over multiple aspects of everyone’s lives. In his book A Beginner’s Guide to Reality Jim Baggott explains “We construct a reality based on models of how we would like that reality to be, not just by reality itself”. Everyone’s goods are only purchased for means of “style, “perks”or “status” rather than “substance” (Baggott 21). They not only fulfill a philosophical need or want, but it also fulfills an esteem need because they feel it describes who they are, who they want to be and how others view them within society. Baggot Explains that things such as these “create an impression of status or prestige” so that they feel as though they are earning a “greater respect”(Baggott 19).
For example, during the craze of Coca-Cola vs.…

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