Essay about American Culture : The State Of Sexual Freedom

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I believe that American culture is in the state of sexual freedom. This is evident by the acceptance rate of homosexuality, advocacy of “deviant” sexual behavior and sexual relationships, high rate of premarital sex, and comparisons with other cultures.
I think the freedom of choosing who to become one’s sexual partner is a part of the sexual freedom. As the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, homosexuality is shown to be more accepted by Americans. Attitudes towards homosexuality became more liberal in the past decades (Loftus, 2001). In 1978, 75 percent of Americans consider homosexuality “always wrong” and 13 percent reported as “not wrong at all”; in 1998, 56 percent reported as “always wrong” and 31 percent for “not wrong at all”, marking a trend of liberalization in attitudes. This trend continued in the 2000s; 43.5 percent of Americans answered “always wrong” and 40.6 percent answered “not wrong at all” (Smith, 2011). This is not to argue that homosexuality has the complete freedom or acceptance in America; Rather, America’s acceptance of homosexuality is at its most liberal of all time.
Many aspects of human sexuality, such as transgender, non-monogamous partnerships, and paraphilia, have been receiving more attention and more advocate compared to what they had in the past. Groups such as Organizations for transgender people, such as National Center for Transgender Equality, Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, Black Trans Advocacy, and Gender Spectrum,…

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