American Culture And Their Amazing Ingenuity Essay

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Most people envision their dream home as a spacious home with character, charm, and plenty of room for a couple of kids to roam freely. A home with a wraparound porch with an attached swing to watch a golden retriever playing on the front lawn. A home with a white picket fence leading straight to the heart of the house that’s lined with multicolored pansies. Not to mention rooms for every occasion filled with useless objects, like a massive dining room used only for huge Thanksgiving feasts featuring a twelve piece china set. For the remainder of the year, its occupation becomes collecting piles of dust for a living. In America, the belief is that “bigger is better”, but why is this suddenly being challenged? Recent generations have discovered that smaller and more energy efficient can be more beneficial than typical housing options. There’s an interest in simplicity, making a positive environmental impact, and differing from tradition housing techniques. A great example of this is the Japanese culture and their amazing ingenuity. Their architecture focuses on bettering the environmental impact that the structure has on their surroundings.

In comparison, to the US, Japan is approximately the same size as Montana with 127.3 million occupants, as of 2013, for this reason space is so valuable. Nearly all of Japans’ buildings have a life cycle of approximately 30 years since they are built with cheap construction materials. As a result, the structure itself becomes less…

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