Essay about American Culture And Cultural Norms

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Much of the large population of America will not get to experience travels that expose them to other forms of culture in their lifetimes. A sizable portion of the American people will most likely remain in their home town or state; never leaving to explore new places or learn new languages. As Professor Mark Pagel of the University of Reading says, “Human culture is vast; the range of cultural practices, beliefs, and languages we speak is vast”. Due to a lack of exposure to foreign ideas or languages of different cultures in the majority of the American population, general youth cultures often reject the ideas or beliefs of an opposing culture. During my living in a multitude of places and journey moving from a home near Olympia, Washington to a new one in Tennessee, I witnessed a wide variety of different cultures; in addition to exposing me to different dialects and cultural norms. My experiences showed me that immersion in other cultures can be essential to the development of youth in American culture and that education should improve the student’s views on culture. During my early life, I lived in a multitude of places across the United States due to living in a military family with my father in the Army. During the time of my birth my family lived in Georgia which I vaguely remember, though during my toddler years our family moved to Alaska where we would remain for three years before and three years after my mother and father divorced and my mother remarried to my…

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