American Corporations And Corporate Leadership Essay

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Introduction Employees in today’s workplace deal with long hours, demanding employers, high stress jobs, and low pay. Women deal with the stress of balancing the demand of work while trying to have a family, they receive less promotions, and few women hold senior level positions. The demand from employers and the lack of work-life balance programs have caused women to abandon opportunities in corporations, but rather pursue family goals, and others their own business. American corporations are less likely to see more female leadership because of these obstacles and the lack of support from upper levels of corporate leadership. There are many opportunities for remedying this including flex time, telecommuting, paid parental leave, and other benefits that would encourage work life balance and promote gender balanced leadership.
Topic Overview Despite increasing female enrollments in colleges over the last several decades even to the point where women outnumber or are equal to men, there is still only between six and sixteen percent women in top leadership positions amongst corporations, law firms, and medical practices (Tischler, 2004). There are several reasons for this discussed in the article; one is that many women who are very successful and are choosing to take an alternate path for more balance regardless of pay. The other is that they are simply not working as hard as a group versus men who are naturally more competitive and ego driven. Regardless of reason, it’s not…

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