American Constitution Analysis

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This essay is going to succinctly discuss and analyze the American Constitutions begin with the articles of Confederation and then the Current Constitution of the United States of America.
The United States of America has operated under two constitutions. The first constitution was known as articles of confederation which came into force from 1st march 1781 when Maryland ratified it. The American constitution replaced this earlier version when it was ratified by New Hampshire on 21st June 1788. The two pieces of legislations were different despite having been made by the same people. The American constitution is viewed as having come to solve the loopholes that were found in the article of confederation. The articles of confederation was
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Under the article of confederation most of the powers were vested on the state leaving only very few powers to exercise by the central government. The drafters did this deliberately because they feared that giving too much power to the central government would impact negatively on the sovereignty and the independence of states and give rise to tyranny like the one under King George III (Ginsberg, et. al. 2014 : 80). However starving the central government of power had negative effects. The central government was not able to enforce its demands. The inability was occasioned by lack of capacity to act directly with the people and compel obedience. The central government also lacked the power to levy taxes and this denied it means of collecting revenue to conduct its …show more content…
This judiciary included the Supreme Court (Ginsberg, et. al. 2014 : 82). The Supreme Court is the apex judicial body and solve disputes that are appealed from the states court. The decisions of the Supreme Court are binding on all the lower courts. The court is thus able to set precedents that are binding on the state courts this gives some form of uniformity to the legal system in all the states. The adjudicator of disputes between states under the article was the congress. The constitution came in and established the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court took the charge of settling disputes between

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