American Comedy Having Canadian Connections Is Not A New Thing

2647 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
American comedy having Canadian connections is not a new thing. Americans have been using Canadian ideals and lifestyles to their advantage for many years now in the comedic world and the rate that it happens seems to be growing. The joke “It’s easy to forget about Canada, all tucked away down there”, first off, is not very funny, it also is not even close to being a correct statement. In this essay Canada will be spoken about for its’ importance to the United States and also why it is so important for Americans to be in tune with Canada and its’ world affairs. After only doing a quick Google search, it was easy to find that this joke came from the popular Television show The Simpsons. This piece of information is important because The Simpsons is notorious for taking shots and directing their humor in the fashion of poking fun and undermining something or somebody else. In the case of this joke, that somebody was Canada. The joke itself could not be any more incorrect. Canada is considerably larger than the United States, geographically speaking. It is actually the second largest country in the world, only coming behind Russia. So the joke lost all credibility right off the bat just by calling Canada little, which coming from an American comedian was simply contradictory. The reason I believe that this joke was brought up was because Canada is in fact smaller in population, which to people in the United States, is enough information for them to feel like they have the…

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