American Clothing Company Of The United States With A Controversial Advertising Campaign

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American Apparel is clothing company based in the United States with a controversial advertising campaign. The advertisements have often been criticized as being demeaning towards women, often showing models in overtly sexual positions acting submissive and weak. These advertisements are proof that sex sells, and this is in large part due to the capitalist nature of America. Capitalism, the mode of production in the western world, influences the nature of culture and production, which in turn influences how young people are able to interact with those they desire (Peiss, 1989). In fact, capitalism and sexuality are so intertwined that many people do not realize it. Take, for example, a girl buying a dress for her prom. Many girls are willing to spend a great sum of money to buy the perfect dress to wear for only one night in order to appeal to others. Her sexuality seduces her to buy the dress (Ingraham, 2002). American Apparel takes advantage of this through the depiction of being sexual to sell products.
Sexuality in this capitalist form is also political, as groups have protested against the overt objectification of women (Gilbert, 2010). Gayle Rubin (1993) created six ideological formations about the politics of sex, some of which apply to a specific American Apparel advertisement that has been chosen (See Figure 1 at the end of this essay). Of her six ideological formations - essentialism, sex negativity, fallacy of misplaced scale, hierarchal system of…

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