American Citizens And Elected Officials Essay

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American citizens and elected officials must decide when America should defer to the judgments of international organizations. This decision is especially difficult knowing that these organizations have the potential to act against the interests of individual Americans, American businesses, or the country as a whole. Supporting these interests on the surface might certainly make no sense.
Although it is expected that we ask our government to make decisions that positively affect the United States, reasonable citizens would have to agree that there are times when acting in a cooperative manner will benefit our country both economically and in relation to our ability to defend ourselves. We did not leave Europe to fight against Hitler’s campaign in World War II and considering the instability in the world today we must become more engaged in an increasingly global world, like it or not. We cannot clean up the entire world, but we can help intelligently choose when to intervene.

Isolationism: Is it for America?
“Close off all of our borders!” “Bring our troops home!” “Defend ourselves from the inside outward!” “We do not need any allies, what purpose do they serve anyways?” All points made by supporters of Isolationism.
Isolationism can be defined as a country’s foreign policy tactic when it tries to avoid economic and political entanglement with any other country. Many Americans believe that the United States government should isolate itself and quit involving…

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