American Born Chinese - Short Essay

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American Born Chinese is a graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang about various characters dealing with stereotypes, and prejudices. Two main characters that seem to struggle with this are the monkey king and Jinn. The monkey king is the king of all monkey's on his island. He is looked at as a god and respected by every monkey on the island. But when he is invited to a dinner party for all the gods, he realizes that nobody else has respect for him. By everyone else he is looked at as a dirty monkey. Jinn is a Chinese immigrant boy to America and struggles to fit in with the other american students. Jinn and the Monkey King have similar issues in that they struggle to fit in with people different with themselves. This causes them to try and …show more content…
He made friends, and even got an american girlfriend. The Monkey King faced many of the same problems as Jinn once he stepped out of his element. The king was used to being praised and treated like a god by all the other monkeys. But one day he was invited to a party for the gods but was not allowed entrance because he was viewed as a dirty monkey by the other gods. This shocked the monkey king because he had never been treated like this before. The king then retreated to his island very angry. He then decided to try and change himself so he could prove to those who offended him that he was nothing to make fun of. He trained for a very long time to become a master at karate to defeat all his opponents physically. However this new environment changed him into something he was not meant to be. The Monkey king was later trapped under a pile of rocks for hundreds of years. The only way for him to escape this trap was to retreat back to his old self, the original monkey king. Once he admitted to himself that he had become something he was not, the king finally was freed from the giant pile of rocks. Very similar to Jinn, once he became comfortable with who he was his problems were solved.

Jinn and the Monkey King both responded to their new environments in the wrong way. They tried to become something they weren’t in order to blend in with the rest of society. But by doing this they secluded themselves even more and ended up places they were not truly happy

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