Symbolism In Janie's '

Quote 1: Janie understands the concepts of marriage. The bee’s represent the male figure while the flower represents the female figure making love. The bees are known to help flowers reproduce by spreading the pollen from one flower to another. This interaction between the bee and flower symbolizes love and introduces Janie to sex. This causes her to want a relationship, making this her horizon. This represents Janie’s sexuality. (67 Words)

Quote 2: Janie looks at the tree with the bees and wonders when it will be her turn to find true love like the bees. She wants to be noticed. Janie is searching for love. The petal being open represents her looking for love and open to have a relationship. These thoughts are common when hitting puberty.
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During the civil war many blacks worked long hours with hardly any breaks. Almost all the whites owned the slaves, and the whites were basically the rulers, because they had freedom. They could have ruled the world any way they wanted to. The whites handed off labor work off to the slaves. The black men did their work. The black men then were rulers of black women and they ruled them around. This is basically a hierarchy. White men are on the the top, the most superior race. Following them it is the black men and at the way bottom are black women. Black women are perceived as weak by black men, and they are referred as donkeys, because like donkeys they carry out orders. (135 Words)

Quote 4: After Janie’s marriage, Jannie realized that love does not come naturally. She learned that marriage has nothing to do with love. Marriage is simply a title, it does not make anything happen on its own. It is the relationship between couples that drives the relationship. After being married to Logan she realized that marriage does not make love. After realizing this Janie was now coming out of all her fantasies she had once dreamed about marriage and is now realizing the reality and started to mature. She is understanding the concept of marriage. (93
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She is willing to go off with Tea Cake, not caring about anything. She is not worried about time or money all she wants is to have a successful marriage. By living Grandma’s way she did not gain anything, instead she lost two marriages. She has wasted a lot of time by living grandma 's way, so now it 's not time she is worried about its will she ever find love. Being rushed by Nanny got her nowhere in her marriages, so she decided she does not worry how long it will take her find love as long as she finds it, she is ready. (117 Words)

Quote 15: Janie goes and sees Tea Cake asleep. Janie feels a strong attraction to Tea Cake. Janie is to the point where she loves Tea Cake she can feel her heart in pain. Before Janie had some mistrust when she carried two hundred dollars with her incase if Tea Cake was to ever leave her, but now she fully trusts him without any doubts. This love is usually developed between a mother and child so having to feel like this towards Tea Cake is showing a strong bond. (88

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