Essay on American Association Of Critical Care Nurses

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American Association of Critical Care Nurses American health care, like other business genres, responds to the demands of society (Shi, 2013). Thus, when the polio epidemic took place in the 1950s, American hospitals established the first intensive care units to care for these patients (AACN, 2015). In evaluating these units and assessing the successes and quality of care provided to these patients, cardiac units were developed in the 1960s to care for the increasing demands of the cardiac patient. To ensure these nurses were specialized and competent to care for these high demand patients, a group of nurses from the Nashville Baptist Hospital hosted a cardiac symposium in which more than 400 nurses attended, confirming there was a need for an organization to support these critical care nurses and provide them with continuing education to keep them competent and up to date in their profession. Consequently, in 1969 the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) was created to continue to support the educational needs of these specialized nurses, but first as the American Association of Cardiovascular Nurses. They later changed their name in 1971 to AACN to encompass all aspects of critical nursing (AACN, 2015). AACN clearly defines their purpose and objectives through their mission, vision and values. Their purpose is excellence because as they state “nothing less is acceptable” (AACN, 2015). They are dedicated to driving their practice to meet the needs of…

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