American Airlines The World Trade Center Essay examples

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On the day of September 11, 2001, a number as large as two-thousand, nine hundred, and seventy-seven victims traveled to work in downtown Manhattan. None of them were aware that it was their last cup of coffee, last goodbye, or last hello. At 8:46 a.m., American Airlines Flight 11 was taken over by five hijackers and crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center and beginning a day of grievous issues. Experts claim that The World Trade Center fell solely by acts of extreme terrorism, but equally compelling evidence strongly supports that the government enabled the tragedy that struck New York City that early Tuesday morning.
A concern often questioned by those who look into the events of 9/11 is the probability of the Towers falling. Government sympathizers believe that with the way that the fires burned and how the towers fell were directly validated by the impact of the planes. Many sympathizers believed this was verified when a scientific panel investigating Nine-Eleven, "concluded that the World Trade Center (WTC) towers collapsed because of the impact of the planes severed and damaged support columns, dislodged fireproofing insulation coating the steel floor trusses and steel columns, and widely dispersed jet fuel over multiple floors" (Jones et al. ). The fire was said to have billowed through the surrounding stair wells and elevator shafts, causing bodies to be illuminated as they stepped off of the elevator. A number of injuries and deaths were reported…

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