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Taking Control of Air Pollution in Mexico City
In 1992, the United Nations described Mexico City’s air as the most polluted on the planet. Six years later, that air earned Mexico the reputation of “the most dangerous city in the world for children” — a reputation Mexico has been working hard to improve. But despite more than a decade of stringent pollution control measures, a haze hangs over the city most days, obscuring the surrounding snow-capped mountains and endangering the health of its inhabitants. Many factors have contributed to this situation: industrial growth, a population boom (from three million in 1950 to some 20 million today), and the proliferation of vehicles. More
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A similar coordinated program operates within the State of México, which surrounds Mexico City on three sides. Mexico City and Mexico State have reciprocal agreements with surrounding states that also have emissions testing programs to permit their residents to travel freely without restriction.
The following restriction does not apply to vehicles that have other than 0 or 00 sticker (permits driving every day without restriction) and are plated in Mexico City, Mexico State and surrounding states that have an agreement with Mexico City and Mexico State. It is based on the last digit of their license plate. There are other restrictions that are applicable to non-local vehicles and foreigners, which are presented in the remainder of this article. The hours of the program are from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M. Emissions’ testing is conducted every 6 months. Weekday | Plate's last digit | Sticker color | Monday | 5 or 6 | yellow | Tuesday | 7 or 8 | pink | Wednesday | 3 or 4 | red | Thursday | 1 or 2 | green | Friday | 9 or 0 and those with letters only or temporary plates | blue |

Hoy No Circula is coupled with an exhaust monitoring program, known as verificación in Spanish, whereby a car's pollutant emissions are analyzed every six months. A sticker is affixed to each vehicle following an emissions test, indicating whether a vehicle is exempt from the program or not. Based on the result of their emissions test,

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