America 's Youth Suicide Rate Essay

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In Canada, it is estimated that 10-20% of youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder. The age with the highest rate of depression is under 20 years old. 3.2 million Youth in Canada are at risk for developing depression during their life. Depression is more common amongst woman. Approximately 5% of male youth, under the age of 20, have experienced a depressive episode in their life. 12% of female youth, under the age of 20, have experienced a major depressive episode. Depression can be treated to 80% of youth suffering from it, but some don’t choose to seek help. Mental illnesses are increasing the suicide rate and taking children’s lives. Canada’s youth suicide rate is the third highest in the world; depression contributes to the causes of suicide. Teen are extremely effected by depression. There are different types of this illness, and different causes and treatments for this mood disorder. It is something that can be prevented and there is a solution. When people are feeling down, they say they are feeling depressed, but what is depression? Depression is a serious medical illness. It is classified as a mood disorder. Mood disorders are serious illness that can have sometimes end in fatal results if not treated. Depression causes you to feel sad, lose interest in activities that once were important and fun, stay distant from others, and have minimal energy. Depression also causes people to feel worthless, hopeless, which sometimes leads to thoughts or attempts of…

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