Essay on America 's Youth As A Hippie

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Following his explanation about his participation in the various events, he pulled out many mementos from his youth as a hippie. He still had multiple clothing articles such as velvet, pants, and tops with a lot of fringe. He still wore many headbands, like the one he was wearing, and he had many more in a variety of prints including the typical rainbow tie-dye floral prints. He had many sunglasses in a variety of fluorescent colors and many shapes. His biggest collection was of pins that would wear with any clothing. Some pins were just simple-multi colored accessories while others had phrases on them including “Drop acid, not bombs” and “All you need is love” among others. He showed my posters he still had that were once hung for the public eye, promoting happiness for all. He even still had some of the signs he held at protests including one that read, “Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity!” After showing me his keepsakes, I asked his to describe to me the differences, aside from the obvious ones, from being a hippie today compared to during the movement. He explained that while there are not many hippies left today, he is still in contact with many from his younger days. He explained to me that during his prime hippie days, he felt like he made an impact every day of his life, “Not a single day went by during that time period that I didn’t feel confident in my life choices.” Going on he explained that today he is still confident in his own life choices, he…

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