America 's War For The Greater East Essay

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America’s War for the Greater East begins with the American Way of life. By Nixon’s presidency, American society had become increasingly dependent on oil much of which has been provided by Arab nations. In retaliation for supporting Israel in the October War many Arab nations suspended oil exports to the United States. The impact was immediate and severe and while exports would resume oil had now become a tool used against the United States, in effect the American Way of life (Bacevich 5). When President Carter assumed office he inherited a mess. Political scandal surrounding President Nixon, a hugely unpopular war that also proved costly. President Carter had sought to portray himself as a peace maker would use diplomacy to further advance the spreading of freedom, peace, and human rights (Bacevich 11). He and his administration would be the complete and total opposite of Nixon and his corrupt administration of the past.

Carter’s involvement begins with his administration’s support of the Iranian leader the Shah. The prevailing thought was that the Shah thereby Iran would help maintain stability in the region (Bacevich 13). This notion was the result of the Nixon Doctrine which sought to curtail worldwide U.S military obligations. The support of the Shah in Iran would culminate in the Iranian Revolution which resulted in the overthrow of the Shah. During this time the “Limited Contingency Study” had been completed by Wolfowtiz, a defense department official. It concluded…

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