Essay about America 's Vision Of An Industrialized America

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During the early 1800’s the United States was transforming into Alexander Hamilton’s vision of an industrialized America. In the book Sam Patch, The Famous Jumper it shows a good illustration of how America operated during the Early Republic Period from 1800-1837. This shift in America brought uproar among the people and it made America dependent on the working of manufactories. The conditions in factories were intolerable and not safe at all for any workers. The effects of industrialization in America made a great impact on the institutions of freedom and equality; not allowing workers to be reasonable with their employer and causing a hardship on working individuals.
In the 1800’s, America began to be altered by the hands of many individuals in government. The changing of the guards was at hand and it was taking a toll on America. The introduction of factories into America brought the idea of better jobs, more money for the country, and a working society that did not have to be dependent on others. With this introduction into America came many strings attached. Working conditions were an abomination and had no safety for workers. The exordium of child labor was the peak of a downhill spiral when it came to working in a factory. Men worked long hours and woman barely got paid enough to make it through the week. Woman preferred to do more domestic work than having to be restricted to working at factories. The rights for woman were limited and slim to none. America never…

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