Essay on America 's Views On American Culture

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American culture has been one of the most aspects that the world looks at. Many other nations look deeply into what America is doing because the influence America has on the world is greatly watched. Being an American citizen, I usually see the world being as us versus them. The reason behind that is because of the world has two feelings about America, which is, nations like America or they absolutely disagree with everything that we do. America is the ideal country that the World looks at, weather they agree or disagree with our beliefs as a nation, we are considered one of the few big brother among all the countries. America is built on the idea that together as a nation, we are able to reach our true potential with no obstacles in our way. I question the true potential that America has because, at times, we have a tendency of being unable to realize that humans are humans, meaning everyone should be treated right in a justice world that the world wants to see. America has two sides; it has a side of beauty with a large smile that stands for a social justice country and the other side is the ugly witchcraft of a social injustice country that stands for white supremacy. America is losing sight on the “melting pot” that our founding fathers originated with liberty and justice for all. I believe that America is working on recreating the inclusiveness that we were made of, but we are a long shot away from a happy society within our nation.

Social Justice
Social justice is…

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