America 's Views On America Essay

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America have stood as the first country in the world for a long time. However, the first place wasn’t something that was granted-America has fought the way up to the top position since the day she declared herself as a country. Throughout her 400 years of history, we can see the changes America had gone through. Like any countries in the world, people have controversial opinions on America. Some favors the values she hold while some would rather the values never existed; I am of that way too. However, I still liked America no matter what bad characteristics she holds. America is a land where everyone is granted the opportunity to be successful; even out of nothing. America stresses the importance of rights and justice. Liberty and equality is granted in America. Most important, America is a multicultural land that makes immigrants felt a familiar sense of home in a foreign country.
America is the land for anything to become possible. American Dream is the definition given to the citizens of America that dreams can be fulfilled and wealth can be reached in America. America is the land of foreigners. America has a long history of immigration. From the earliest colonists that landed their feet on the new land to the immigrants that are moving to America till this day. There was approximately 319 million people living in the United States in 2014. Out of the 319 million people, nearly 43 million of the population are immigrants from other countries. The immigrated population…

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