America 's Victory Over The British Essay

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America’s victory over the British can be argued that it occurred for many reasons, some reasons more straightforward in explanation while other reasons are more complex and highly controversial. Of the numerous arguments for America’s success over the British, foreign intervention, especially by the French, is indisputably the most significant contribution America’s victory. The alliance that America shared with one of Britain’s most threatening opposing forces at the time placed the rebels at an advantage. However, the dispute and constant search for Loyalist support is an important reason, arguably more important than foreign intervention, why American succeeded in the Revolutionary War. Stephen Conway, who is a professor and writer from Britain, introduced that “[Lord George] Germain persistently overstated Loyalist strength, as many historians argue he did…” Despite this belief that there were more supporters of the crown than present within the colonies, the hope for Loyalists does not reflect Conway’s perspective that Loyalists were difficult to recruit. Winning the hearts and minds of the few Loyalists was definitely not as easy task. In opposition to Conway, Edward Lengel conveyed through his writing that Loyalists were relatively easy for the British to acquire. That is the reasoning behind their efforts at suppressing the Loyalists as much as they possibly could. Although the British believed that there was an abundance of Loyalists within the colonies, the…

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