America 's Unique Culture And Culture Essay

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America is known to have influence in other countries; however other countries have contributed to making America great. America is a country full of different cultures mixed together. America’s unique culture has derived from many different countries around the world. Other countries’ languages, governments, warfares, and foods have significantly impacted America’s culture and Americans’ lifestyle. Language has been around since the beginning of time. Language can be easily influenced. When the colonists left England, influences came from their new surroundings in the New World. The colonists were intrigued by the new landscapes, animals, and people. New languages from the Spanish, Africans, French, and Germans were introduced. Likewise as trade increased so did the America English and the colonist dialect (Harbeck).
Noah Webster, author of the American Dictionary of the English Language, said that “The reasons for American English being different than English are simple: As an independent nation, our honor requires us to have a system of our own, in language as well as government.” The English people were not happy about this development in the colonists’ new form of the language. The English viewed the colonists’ language as barbarous and the colonists as barbarians. The English sneered at the colonists’ language. They deemed the new terms and phrases as unnecessary. Nonetheless the colonists were proud of their “new” language. The colonists’ language…

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