Essay on America 's Tribal Culture, History And Government

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SHB 1495 of 2005
It is an act that relates to teach Washington’s tribal culture, history and government in the common schools. It was created in 2005, which requires school districts to educate citizens United States history and cultural courses of the Indian tribe whose reservation locates within the boundaries of that school district.
This program can contribute to the better understanding of the tribal history and culture as well as their contributions to the nation. For a long time, there is a huge achievement gap between the Native American students and other groups of students. This act helps to narrow this gap and improve the teaching condition as well as quality through the joint efforts by the government of tribes and the United States.

Yali’s Question
Yali, a man from New Guinea, asked his friend Jared about the reasons that caused the inequality between the white and his people. He wanted to figure out why the white people were so wealthy and powerful while people of his race were lack of power and wealth. This indicated his curiosity about the level of development in different races and regions as well as potential reasons.
Yali’s question is very important because it triggers people to think why the European countries become so powerful and advanced. People may think these countries must be culturally or racially superior to other countries. While the reflection of Diamond noted that the geographic factor plays a very important role rather than the racial…

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