Essay on America 's Students For Success

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The sudden onslaught of the teaching method known as Common Core has been the talk of the education field since it was first implemented. For some, the standards that Common Core demands seem to high while to others the methods too abstract. While difficult to some, Common Core seeks to improve the American school system by advancing the requirements and changing the teaching methods countrywide.
Common Core was introduced in 2008 and sought to standardize curriculum at a state and national level, and, as of date, 42 states have voluntarily implemented the curriculum. Common Core seeks to provide a higher set of standards countrywide with a clear set of expectations that prepare students for collegiate curriculum (“Preparing America’s Students for Success”). These standards seek to eliminate the state-to-state differences in education level and attempt to raise the comprehension level as a whole country. Common Core is available in K-12 school years and is available in both math and Language Arts.
Common Core uses the questions of “why” and “how” to help students further understand material. In math, for example, students no longer just learn that adding makes a number bigger, but rather that addition is used to combine quantities. This new way of thinking will allow students an easier transition into the realm of negative numbers as they are able to grasp the idea that addition does not equal a higher number but instead the combination of two numbers (Faulkner 60). This…

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