America 's Struggle For Public Restrooms Essay

1016 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
From Poop to Problem: America’s Struggle to Accommodate Transgendered People in Public Restrooms Why is America obsessed with bathrooms? Personally I avoid obsessing over the places that people of all kinds make a tinkle or relieve the pressure on their external anal sphincters, or even on occasion both at the same time. These frequently foul smelling places have become the focal point of so much controversy in the world of gender equality. State and local governments, along with schools and other social institutions have finally began to realize the simple fact that transgendered people need to use the bathroom, and that this is not going away anytime in the near future. News broke early this week that South Dakota had proposed a bill, which if passed would prevent transgendered students in public schools from using bathrooms, locker rooms and showering facilities other then those associated with the gender clearly specified on their certificates of birth. One solution to the issue of accommodating transgendered people in public restrooms has been commonly identified as the Whittaker Model. This model suggests that bathrooms should be combined into an all genders are welcome type washroom. This would most likely involve the removal of the urinal, as men know it, something that stubborn populations of men are not willing to budge with. The design would have closed door stalls farthest from the entrance. Child changing stations and hand washing areas would be located more…

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