America 's Struggle For Independence From Spain Essay

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1810 marked the beginning of the Spanish American Rebellions when nations in Latin America began to gain their independence from Spain. With the help of patriot rebels and a growing sense of nativism amongst the colonies, nations such as Mexico and Peru fought for independence. Mexico’s journey involved a large uprising of indigenous and mestizo populations that sparked the concept of nativism that led Mexico’s patriot armies to independence. Peru, on the other hand, avoided a large rebellion and gained its independence with the help of two South American patriot army leaders. However, it was a long fight for both nations to gain independence from Spanish rule.

Mexico’s journey to independence started in the early 1800’s as Creole and indigenous resentment against Peninsulars was at its highest. The different racial groups in Mexico were becoming uneasy with each other and the government (Chasteen 94). In 1810, a Creole conspiracy involving the Creole priest, Father Miguel Hidalgo, began the political disruptions that would eventually lead Mexico to independence from Spain (Merrill). Hidalgo was an influential patriot rebel who spoke to the people of Mexico about the importance of defending Mexico against Peninsulars and how the time for revolution against Spain had arrived (Merrill). His message centered on the idea of Americans versus Europeans in the fight for Mexico’s independence. Up to eighty thousand mestizos and indigenous peasants followed Hidalgo’s message of…

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