America 's Struggle For Equality Between Gender, Race, And Class Inequality

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America has been compared to a “melting pot”, a mix of diverse people from all walks of life. Different cultures, traditions, lifestyles, and customs have flourished on US soil since its birth in 1776. Despite the diversity, the US has had conflicts of equality between gender, race, and class.
Inequality between both genders has been a big issue in America despite the fight for equality since the last century. This is seen when Hillary Clinton defended her choice to pursue her own career to the press. “the New York Post called her ‘ a buffoon, an insult to most women,’,” (n.p. 871). Hillary Clinton was thrust into the spotlight not only as the First Lady, but a First Lady pursuing her own career and doing her own thing that did not consist of her husband. Her comments on not just being a housewife raised the ire of people in the country. She became a target for not following the expected notations of being a wife and mother. This was just one of many examples of the struggle women faced when trying to achieve equality between both genders. Another case of the fight for equality is shown in the wage differences recorded in the Census. There are thousands and thousands of dollars of difference between the salaries of men and women. For example, men who have graduated high school make $35,468, eleven thousand dollars more than female high school graduates (who make $24,304). It is unfair for women to make less than their male counterparts if both contain the same credentials.…

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