America 's Schooling System Of Education Essay

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Many people can agree that with a good education, you can save yourself from working at a job that has a lot of hard labor, and can help give yourself a career that you have always dreamed of having. In order to get a great education and relieve yourself from a job one normally wouldn’t want to have, one must attend a good school that is well operated, such in the way that they teach the right materials, and is properly funded so one can get the most out of the learning experience. Some schools may be funded differently because of their location and previous history of academics. Here in America, many schools are different from those from other countries. Authors involved in education such as Eleanor J. Bader, Jonathan Kozol, and Anu Partanen address issues about students in the America’s schooling system, also how they are different compared to other countries’ school system of education. A main key to receive a great education, starts with having a place to stay. If one does not have the adequate environment to study, do homework, or relax, one can become overwhelmed by the material given to them from their classes or personal problems. In her report, “Homeless on Campus”, Eleanor J. Bader, a freelance writer and an instructor in the English Department at Kingsborough Community College, quotes a professor that brings up issues about how the environments students are in, affects their lives. She states that,
“Without housing, access to a workspace, or access to a shower,…

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