Essay about America 's Rights Of The Civil War

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The first people to immigrate to America had come in search of some type of freedom, whether it was freedom of speech, freedom from an oppressive government, freedom to practice a religion openly, or even just freedom to own more land. These first immigrants in North America proclaimed they wanted freedom for all and that all people are created equal, which was the basis America was founded on. However, only time would tell what it truly meant to say that all people are equal. Before long, these new arrivals began to import African Americans as slaves, along with taking the lands of innocent Native Americans, in unfair ways. Eventually, the Civil War took place, resulting with the illegalization of slavery across all of America, but the Jim crow Laws and Segregation, primarily in the south, took slavery’s place. Then during the Gilded Age, big businesses and wealthy businessmen began to hold the most power, placing all other people in a lower social status with less freedoms. Later on, the 1960s held the build-up of the fight for total equality between all races (through the Civil Rights movement), along with attempt to gain freedom from outdated rules of older generations. From the very beginning, America placed freedom and equality at its cornerstone, but as it built its way up to where it is today, the people of America constantly changed and evolved the true meaning of those concepts. When the Civil War ended in 1865, Reconstruction began, and people started the…

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