Essay on America 's Relationship With Myanmar

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America’s relationship with Myanmar ended in May 1997, when the Government of Burma, which was controlled by a military junta, commenced a large scale democratic opposition. The growing number of U.S. economic sanctions has become a trend in U.S. foreign policy in the post-Cold War era. No one argues that U.S. sanctions on Myanmar harm the interest of American companies that operate in this country. Myanmar is a promising prospect for business and investors with a underdeveloped economy in the heart of the fastest growing regions.

In 2011, the local government overthrew the military junta which caused the U.S. to place the sanctions on Myanmar. Since then the government has responded to the economic sanctions placed upon them and has negotiated an unprecedented cease fire between radicals and the passing of crucial legislation. Myanmar hosted the World Economic Forum’s East Asian Summit, which further shows that Myanmar is committed to furthering its foreign relations throughout the world. Myanmar has consistently made strides to create new reforms, which create more lucrative business interest. With the increase of Foreign Direct Investment opportunities as well as the government’s ability to hold democratic elections as most recent as of November 2015 this country is ready to become a driving force in the world today. Since the inception of the sanctions, it has created tensions between the U.S. and Myanmar’s foreign investors such as Japan and the European…

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