America 's Obesity Problem Of America Essay

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America’s Obesity Problem When I was an eighth grader I became overweight. I was five feet and four inches and weighed 178 pounds. It was ideal to treat myself to McDonalds because the dollar menus were reasonably priced. The McDonalds that I ordered from was crowded and lively with the booths filled with people enjoying burgers, fries, sodas, ice cream, and dollar apple pies. My typical snack would be the McChicken with a small fries, and if I was in the mood, I would treat myself to a soda as well. I could not look in the mirror and see myself as chubby because I was not ordering the enormous combo meals like the skinny and healthy actors in the McDonalds commercials. When I attended high school, McDonalds was no longer an option, but my grandpa and grandma would always have a closet full of chips and cookies and a freezer stocked with ice cream. I remember going straight to devour the Oreo cookies every time my Grandma brought home a new flavor. The worst part was not that I was overweight, but I was actively playing soccer three days a week and still managed to be as husky as I was. Obesity is a problem in the United States because companies are deceiving people by promoting foods that are high in calories and low in nutritional value and achieving the sale of their product with inexpensive prices.
For instance, look at an Oreo advertisement. With a smooth text with white cream filled letters outlined with a solid blue color, the phrase "Cheer up your lunch"…

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