Essay on America 's Neutrality During The World War II

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The Second World War was a long and devastating one leading to massive loss of lives and property. It lasted for six years beginning on September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. The war went on the year 1945 during the time when both the Germans and the Japanese had surrendered to the allies. Due to this invasion by Germany, other European states such as Britain and France also declared war on Germany hence making the chain of this war to eventually become longer as time went on.
The United States was not initially involved in the war but later became a major player and also played a big role in ending the war. The main purpose of World war two is the state of America’s neutrality during the Second World War. tense in Europe which would later unfold into the World War 2, many Americans were against the country getting involved in the war and therefore the government did not want to get involved. This was partly due to experiences the country went through during the First World War that resulted to United States to pursuing a policy of isolation. The United States passed several Acts which were meant to outline its position towards the war. In anticipation of another European war, and in pursuit of an isolationist foreign policy, Congress passed the Neutrality Act in August 1935, forbidding the sale of munitions by U.S. firms to any and all belligerents in any future war. This was a not-so-subtle signal to all governments and private industries, domestic and foreign, that…

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