Essay on America 's Middles Class Promise

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Education is one of the driving forces behind our nation’s achievements, creating successful leaders and responsible citizens who continuously strive for a prosperous and sustainable future. Thus, education has copiously been at the forefront of our nation’s priorities throughout history.
Today, there is significant attention on early childhood education. Research suggests that preschool is essential to school readiness and can significantly impact a child’s chance of reading at grade level, of graduating high school, and of obtaining the necessary skills to be college and career ready (Herman, 2013). However, there is a tremendous unmet need for high-quality early learning throughout the country (Early Learning: America’s Middles Class Promise Begins Early, n.d.). The U.S. currently ranks 25th in the world in early learning enrollment, with fewer than three in ten 4-year olds enrolled in a high-quality preschool program (Early Learning: America’s Middles Class Promise Begins Early, n.d.). The quality of early learning programs varies widely and access to high-quality programs is even more limited in low-income communities (Early Learning: America’s Middles Class Promise Begins Early, n.d).
Early childhood advocates, such as early childhood educators, understand the benefits and importance of providing high quality early childhood education to all children in America. Hence, their role in advocating for high quality public preschool expansion and funding is imperative.…

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