America 's Low Income Group Essay

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In North America more than one in four adults are obese. Those in the lowest income group are more likely to be obese than those who are not in the lowest income group. Most people would assume that these people made the choice to be unhealthy and as a result became obese. Oftentimes these same people also believe that everybody can make an easy decision to be healthy, but in reality there is much more to consider than what lies on the surface of when looking at people’s health. For example, people of low income can not always afford to buy healthy food or quality health care and are often not as well educated. Being healthy should not be a luxury for only those who have the money to support things needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it should be a decision that everyone has the right to make.
Most people that are born into a certain socioeconomic class stay in that class for the rest of their lives. It is extremely hard and unlikely for someone born into a lower class family to escape the lower class. Although many people believe it is possible to climb the socioeconomic ladder with hard work alone, there is evidence that disagrees with this idea. Teens with parents in the top quarter of wealth who scored in the bottom quarter on test in 8th grade “were more likely to finish college than students who scored in the top fourth but whose parents were in the bottom fourth.” (Krugman, 2007). If all that was needed to succeed in our society was hard work, then the teens who…

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